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Vision Quest ceremony

Thrive through the chaos of these transformational times

Are you ready to learn to thrive through transformation?

Are you ready to live your life aligned to what is true and right for you, as guided by the wisdom of your soul?

The chaos of this world is a cry from the heart of the Earth and the voice of the Creator – calling to you to return home through the power of ceremony.

To remember your spiritual truth, your personal purpose and then to rise up and live from this powerful place without apology.

Now is the time!

Our global community members are all highly trained to guide you in this process through facilitating Vision Quest Ceremony, Seven Levels of Quest Programs and Quest Protector Training, in the Stalking Wolf Lineage.

If you are called to join us you are ready to break free from your personal wounds, reclaim your connection to nature and deeply connect to your Soul’s wisdom. 

We welcome you to read through this website and then reach out!

You can join our newsletter, look for an upcoming program in your local area, participate in our quarterly Ceremony from your backyard, and take the next step on your Spiritual Path.

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By clicking subscribe, you agree to receive emails from The Hearts of Fire Community about Vision Quest Programs and Ceremonies.

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Questing Programs

Vision Quest

The gateway to your Spiritual Journey…

Vision Quest ceremony
Vision Quest Protector ceremony

Vision Quest Protector Training

Are you ready to be of service in these times of global transformation?

Advanced Protector Course and Advanced Seven Levels Course

. . . to those on this journey toward Oneness.

Seven Levels of Quest

Seven Levels of Quest

Your Life is a spiritual journey – The Seven Levels of Quest are vehicles that can be used daily for True Spiritual Awakening.

Teacher Training for the PTC

If you want to hone your protection skills to the keenest edge . . .

Vision Quest ceremony
Vision Quest ceremony

Teacher Training for Seven Levels of Quest

. . . for those who seek mastery of the knowledge of this course.

Hearts of Fire Ceremony

Vision Quest ceremony

Does Ceremony touch your heart? If you are drawn to participate in Ceremony this is the place for you…

Summer Ceremony

The Living Presence of God, Part 3

July 13, 2024

Vision Quest Perspectives

Hearts of Fire Council members discuss Questing

Elizabeth Moes

Bill Howard

Mary Radloff

Vision Quest Blog

Emerging as God

Does “Emerging as God” sound like too big of an intention? I think not . . . [read more]

Our Global Community

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