The Hearts of Fire Council are a group of Vision directed people who are called to be in service to the wider Vision Quest Community in the Stalking Wolf Lineage.

The Council is dedicated to connecting those seeking authentic sacred experience (Vision) to transformative ceremonies in the lineage of Stalking Wolf (Grandfather).  Through offering Vision Quest Ceremony and Seven Levels of Quest this powerful spiritual wisdom and lineage is being upheld.

For those who want to dive deeper into these teachings we offer advanced workshops, support and training, and the possibility to facilitate Vision Quests for others (Quest Protector Training).

We are also the hub to access a robust international community living these teachings of vision every day.

We are excited for you to join us for a program!

Vision Quest ceremony

Grandfather’s Camp, Pine Barrens, New Jersey, USA

Everything you will find on this site is derived from the lineage and Vision of Stalking Wolf — a Lipan Apache elder, shaman, and healer we often refer to as Grandfather.  Stalking Wolf spent 60 years traveling and learning from every experience and person he met. In the purity of wilderness, he tested and distilled the knowledge of many religions and ancient traditions down to those truths that were essential, universal, and free of dogma and ties to any particular culture or society.

This knowledge has been passed down from Stalking Wolf through Tom Brown, Jr. and Malcolm Ringwalt to people all over the world. After extensive training and experience, Protectors and Teachers in Grandfather’s lineage are able to offer these powerful and life changing ceremonies.

Council Members' Testimonials

“I did my Vision Quest in 2004. I was 62, had never been in the woods, never camped out overnight, total greenhorn. A month later I was in New Jersey taking the Protector Training with Malcolm.  Since then I have done many quests, including Seven Levels of Quest. This is my life: questing and teaching.

Sandy Masse, Canada

“The facets that shine the brightest, are those that have been uncovered by the protectors I have worked with. Through their love and compassion, I can see a gateway into the Oneness. Their sacrifice and passion humble me. They are friends, colleagues, brothers and sisters. They are my chosen family and they shine brightly through the facets of my soul.”

Bill Howard, USA

“I have taken more than one hundred classes in Grandfather Stalking Wolf’s lineage over the past 20 plus years. Every class I took with Tom Brown Jr., Malcolm Ringwalt and Karl Direske were absolutely amazing but I must say the most transformative and life changing were the Wilderness Vision Quest, the Quest Protector, and the Seven Levels of Quest programs.”

Chuck Stratton, Canada

“Before entering the quest circle, I sensed that I had known since I was a child that I would someday do this. It felt natural. It felt like coming home.”

Matthew Hansen, USA

“Since my first Quest in July 2002 with you and a host of other peace-loving, energy-working individuals… I have received profound support from the universe through some intensely challenging experiences… I feel so shifted… Thanks for your commitment… Questing has changed my life!”

 Edwina C. Canada