"Emerging as God"

By Malcolm Ringwalt

It is time to plan for the next installment of the ceremony, the Living Presence of God Part 2, coming up in April. This ceremony is called Emerging as God. It will build on the previous ceremony a few months ago but if you didn’t do that one you are still welcome to join this one, though you will get more from it if you at least go back and review the earlier one so you will be familiar with the direction of the journey we are taking this year.

Does “Emerging as God” sound like too big of an intention? I think not. Remember, we are focused on the “Living Presence of God” this year, not the transcendental, abstract presence of God! We seek God as active in our lives and in the life of the world, touching everything, healing the darkness within everything, and blessing everything throughout creation! In that ceremony, we discovered the evidence for God is everywhere, is alive both within and without each of us!

When we look at the previous three ceremonies of last year, they all focused on the veil between the physical and the spiritual world. In those ceremonies, we learned how to direct our attention through the veil. Further, we discovered that the veil itself is merely an artifice of creation, and is thus part of the substance of God, the Creator. We understood that the veil is merely the product of the physical mind and when we get to the ceremony on “Creating” we will see how effortless it is to create when we know that the veil is not really an obstacle except to the physical mind that created it. We began to recognize through our experiences that God is the beginning of all things, and the end; it is God all the way down!

In the Part 1 ceremony, we worked with a few key perspectives and explored them in our lives and experiences to begin to open this “living presence” in our awareness. First, we worked with the perspective of our core identity, the “I Am,” that is the living presence of the Self within (the experience of your own identity) and saw how that self is a reflection of divine identity—you could accurately say it is “God personalized as you” and we began to realize this truth through the exercises we did. The theme of that perspective was the biblical expression that “you are made in the image and likeness of God.” So, your essence is God-substance as is the essence of all things, and the veil that appears to separate the physical from the spiritual is also made of the “substance” of God.

From there we expanded our view from primarily the inner perspective and shifted the focus outside ourselves through focusing on other aspects of God, seeing the world with the same perspective as the inner. (God by any other name is still God!) We used the quality of Love to quicken the awareness and wandered focusing on everything inward and outward through that lens. After some time, we again shifted our focus to the experience of Life, inner and outer. Our experiences began to reveal the core similarities of each of these focuses.

So, too big of an intention? No, we have already learned much about the nature of the “living presence of God.” Now it is time to focus on that Self, that life, that love, to know it even more clearly as your Self. We must dissolve the artificial distinction between our ego self and the divinity of all life. We must let go of the idea of separation that is reflected in ego-thinking, because then divinity is all that remains! To the extent that you accomplish that, you will ‘Emerge as God’, and then everything will open to you.

Later, in future ceremonies, we will focus on using this new identity to become a creator. First, though, we need to come to know ourselves as divine. We, each of us, need to Emerge as God, spirit not physical being, and that is the focus of this ceremony in April. And isn’t springtime the perfect time to explore the emergence of life, love, and all things of creation!

Please join us on this journey! Come to know your true, divine essence and identity, become so rooted in it that losing that perspective, even temporarily, will seem so out of balance within you, so wrong. Now, most people live within the vision of separation of the ego and the experience of divinity seems strange—wonderfully strange, but strange none the less. It is time to reverse that experience.

Please join us!