Special Vision Quests

24 or 48 Hour Vision Quests

Sometimes one is called to quest, but not drawn to the full 4-day Vision Quest.  Perhaps what is needed is clarification on a single question or perhaps, new to questing, the challenge of 24-48 hours alone in nature seems quite enough.

Some Protectors offer Quests of 1-2 days for those seeking the clarity and spiritual renewal in a wild place, alone with the Creator.

Vision Quest ceremony
Vision Quest ceremony

Longer Vision Quests

For some people who have been called many times to Vision Quest, there comes a time when they are called to a longer quest – a 10 day quest or even a 40 day quest. Extended quests require a long period of preparation of the quester and a deep commitment to their spiritual path.  In these rare instances, there is need for a very experienced Protector who also has journeyed these long quests themselves. 

Teen Quests (Rites of Passage)

In most indigenous societies, one goes from childhood through a rite of passage and directly into adulthood. There was no extended transition period for adolescence. in most cases these rites of passage involved some form of Vision Quest and a period of council and isolation with elders, after which the child becomes an adult.Most modern societies lack these sacred ceremonies, often to their detriment. Teens who have undertaken a quest have come out with amazing, insightful experiences and enter adulthood more centered and with a deeper understanding of who they are.

At Hearts of Fire we have several Protectors experienced in offering teen Quests. They are usually offered only to 14 to 19 year olds. Our experience has shown us that modern 12 and 13 year olds are seldom ready for this experience. The length of teen Quests varies with the individual programs.

vision quest

Women's Vision Quest

There is a beauty and wisdom in the energy and medicine that women carry. At this time, all across Mother Earth, women are joining together and strengthening this medicine to bring it more fully into the world. Gathering together, gaining clarity, purpose, and depth to our Earthwalk as women. The women’s Vision Quest is a time for us to undertake this beautiful ceremony together. The Vision Quest itself will be as Grandfather Stalking Wolf would guide it for any early quester. However, it will be solely protected by and participated in by women. Come join us – both an instant and an eternity, it can touch your heart deeply and change your life forever.