Hearts of Fire Ceremony

The Gathering of the Gifts

October 15th, 2022

Vision Quest ceremony

During this ceremony we will apply a special “seeing”, a particular kind of reflection, to looks through the surface veneer of the events of this past year so that we can better understand the sacred currents of Love and Grace that are moving through them. Here, in this unfolding, is where we will discover the gifts from Life/Creator, and the blessings that are always being directed to us.

Please join us in this global ceremony to honour the gifts of this year.

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This ceremony is open to everyone, so please share it with your community.

We hope you’ll join us!

The Ceremony Committee


Winter Ceremony will be held January 14, 2023

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I have participated in many of the Hearts of Fire Ceremonies. This last one, the Season of the Mouse, was particularly joyful, enlightening and healing for me. In part, this was because this was the first time I’ve participated in the pre and post-ceremony calls. The pre-call was so powerful, it drew me into the energy and intention of the ceremony so that when the ceremony began two days later, I was able to dive deeply into it. Not only do I recommend joining the ceremonies to make a positive difference in the world and in your own life, but to also take advantage of these calls to connect and deepen your experience.

Debbie Tremel

Vision Quest ceremony

Ceremony is a gift of the Creator that quickens our hearts to love of all Life.
From here our own life and spiritual journey are blessed and our communities are helped as we anchor the Sacred in community life.

The HEARTS OF FIRE COUNCIL would like to invite you to join us, and our global Protector community, in ceremony as we build momentum and energy.

Our most recent Ceremony

The Season of the Mouse

July 16, 2022

The mouse, with it’s unique view of the world, see’s a tiny portion of this vast existence and yet, the mouse has exclusive wisdom to offer. It is often easier to understand the big, obvious moments of life. In this ceremony we are cultivating our ability to learn from the small things . . .

As Protectors, we are deeply committed to serving Life and to taking a stand to protect the sacred. Being in ceremony together regularly throughout the year builds momentum for our own spiritual growth and strengthens the guiding influence of light in our lives, so that we can be an increasingly powerful force for good in our communities and throughout the world.

Our Hearts yearn to sit with Creator and these ceremonies provide a roadmap to do just that. Each ceremony culminates in a Sacred Fire which cleanses us, humanity and the world. We know that each person doing these ceremonies has a Heart of Fire in love with humanity and our Mother the Earth. 

The HEARTS OF FIRE COUNCIL offers Ceremonies four times a year on the first Saturday of April, July, October and January and we hope that you will join us.  While the ceremony dates for the full year are listed here, they may change with little notice. To stay up to date please sign up to the Newsletter below to receive notifications and instructions on how to participate. Some ceremonies will require prerequisites.

Archive of Instructions and Videos for Previous Ceremonies



Doing these ceremonies gives a purpose to my life — spending time in preparation, doing it, and raising awareness in myself and the world.”


Issues came up but not in the usual way. They were not things to be resolved, but things to be set aside to get back to the light. The candle was a beautiful experience, watching it consume my distractions.  It was a very gentle and powerful day.”


Thank You So, So Much for bringing the Hearts of Fire Ceremony into our lives. Truly, an Epic, Powerful, humbling, and transformative experience, indelibly etched in the looking-glass of Soul. “


There was such a brilliant design, seamless flow, laser focus, and powerful & pertinent purpose behind the work throughout every movement of the ceremony, and it was very powerful and important for me to participate in it; so, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!! There is so much more to say about this ceremony, so much to debrief, and so many lessons continuing to erupt from it in my life.”