Hearts of Fire Ceremony

Join The Upcoming Ceremony: The Gathering of the Gifts

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When: October 23, 2021

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall this year, we have been cultivating the seeds of action, born in the stillness of last winter. They grew out of the depth in our hearts from our hopes and dreams for the coming year–this year.

Now, in the fall, it is time to gather the fruits of our efforts to see what we have wrought.

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Ceremony is a gift of the Creator that quickens our hearts to love of all Life.
From here our own life and spiritual journey are blessed and our communities are helped as we anchor the Sacred in community life.

The HEARTS OF FIRE COUNCIL would like to invite you to join us, and our global Protector community, in ceremony as we build momentum and energy.

As Protectors, we are deeply committed to serving Life and to taking a stand to protect the sacred. Being in ceremony together regularly throughout the year builds momentum for our own spiritual growth and strengthens the guiding influence of light in our lives, so that we can be an increasingly powerful force for good in our communities and throughout the world.

Our Hearts yearn to sit with Creator and these ceremonies provide a roadmap to do just that. Each ceremony culminates in a Sacred Fire which cleanses us, humanity and the world. We know that each person doing these ceremonies has a Heart of Fire in love with humanity and our Mother the Earth. 

The HEARTS OF FIRE COUNCIL offers Ceremonies four times a year on the first Saturday of March, June, September and December and we hope that you will join us.  While the ceremony dates for the full year are listed here, please sign up to the mailing list below to receive notifications and instructions on how to participate. Some ceremonies will require prerequisites.

Ceremony Dates

March 6, 2021: Power Quest Commitment Ceremony        

June 5, 2021: A Celebration of Beauty, Awe, and Wonder

October 23, 2021: The Gathering of the Gifts – click HERE for more information

January 8, 2022: Winter Ceremony



Doing these ceremonies gives a purpose to my life — spending time in preparation, doing it, and raising awareness in myself and the world.”


Issues came up but not in the usual way. They were not things to be resolved, but things to be set aside to get back to the light. The candle was a beautiful experience, watching it consume my distractions.  It was a very gentle and powerful day.”


Thank You So, So Much for bringing the Hearts of Fire Ceremony into our lives. Truly, an Epic, Powerful, humbling, and transformative experience, indelibly etched in the looking-glass of Soul. “


There was such a brilliant design, seamless flow, laser focus, and powerful & pertinent purpose behind the work throughout every movement of the ceremony, and it was very powerful and important for me to participate in it; so, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!! There is so much more to say about this ceremony, so much to debrief, and so many lessons continuing to erupt from it in my life.”