Vision Quest Protector Training in Your Area


Heron Walk Healing Centre                               Ontario                                                                                   TBA

Quiet Waters                                                                       Ontario



7 Generations Outdoor School                               Hualien                                                                         upon request                                                                    Program run in Chinese and English

United States

Oneness Quest (Malcolm Ringwalt)                                                                               Pine Barrens, NJ                                                                     TBA   

The Source Within                                                              Dolores, Colorado                                                           TBA summer 2025                                             

The Quest Within                                                              Boulevard, California                                                 TBA                                             

Earth Quest                                                                     Lake Anna, Virginia                                                         TBA

Ways of the Earth                                                             Addy, Washington                                                                 TBA

Bluebird Healing Center                                           Bethlehem, Connecticut
Upon request

Earth Reconnect                                                              Virginia                                                                                  Upon request

A Little Oneness Therapy                                        Kaunakakai, Hawaii. (Molokai)                                            Upon Request