Vision Quest FAQ

I feel drawn to do a Vision Quest but it feels overwhelming, how do I know if Im ready?

Everyone has some fear or anxiety when approaching a vision quest, even those of us who have gone out twenty times or more.  The minute you sign up to do it, the quest begins – so the path of preparation will help you move through those feelings. You will begin to reflect more deeply on what it is you are really seeking, honing your questions and your intention for the Quest and preparing your body for the fast. Whoever you choose to guide your quest will give you information to help you with your preparations.

Once you arrive at the base camp site, you will meet the Protectors and other questers, share some stories, have your physical and safety needs addressed and learn more about the ceremony itself.

The day before the quest you will find your site and prepare it as well as listen to preparatory lectures.  All of these things help you to settle more fully into your intention to quest so by the time you walk out to your Vision Quest circle, you will be fully prepared with all your questions and concerns answered.

Trust your own feeling of rightness, you will know if this is the time to quest.  The feeling of rightness often occurs alongside fear, anxiety and excitement as you move towards the unknown.

Im currently taking medication, would I have to go off it to Quest?

Taking care of your physical and mental health is important.  Many people who have to take medication have undergone Vision Quests, taking small amounts of food with them so they don’t take their meds on an empty stomach. You will need to check with your physician about what would be best for you and always follow the advice they’ve given you during the Quest. Your Protectors will support you with these needs.

There are Vision Quests offered in various parts of the country what difference might this make to my Quest experience?

Particular settings do have unique qualities and differing energies. Some people consider it important to Quest within the area and ecology closest to where they live, while others feel drawn to go outside of what is familiar to them. A Quest always involves the encounter between the known and unknown and the desire to discover what is unknown and go deeper in our understanding of ourselves, Spirit and all of Creation will lead us to approach even the most familiar settings in new and unusual ways. We recommend going with ‘what feels right’ to you.

I dont know if I can go 4 days without food…

For many of us, eating is a conditioned pattern that is set by a lifetime of daily routines. The pull to eat can also often be driven by unconscious emotional needs – to escape from stress or to avoid painful feelings or memories that we haven’t addressed or fully healed. During the quest, when we are away from the patterns and habits of our daily life, we often find that our need to eat becomes a very different experience.

Fasting has multiple benefits, particularly the expansion of our awareness through a change of consciousness that helps us sink into the silence within to connect with Spirit.

Some medical conditions, such as hypoglycemia and kidney or digestive issues, makes fasting dangerous.  If you have any medical conditions you must speak to your doctor before questing. However, these types of conditions are not a barrier to questing.  Talk to your Protector — they understand that some questers need the fasting element of a Quest to be modified so that they can have a successful experience.

What do I need to do to prepare for a Vision Quest?

Your Protectors will provide you with a clear list of things to bring with you and detailed information about how to prepare yourself physically and emotionally beforehand.

Do I have to be in good physical shape or experienced in camping? 

No. Many people have undergone a Vision Quest with little or no camping experience or time in the great outdoors. You will be sent an equipment list to bring with you. Your Protector will help you prepare prior to your arrival, and once you arrive for the program.