Ceremony Archive

The Season of the Mouse

July 16, 2022

The mouse, with it’s unique view of the world, see’s a tiny portion of this vast existence and yet, the mouse has exclusive wisdom to offer. It is often easier to understand the big, obvious moments of life. In this ceremony we are cultivating our ability to learn from the small things . . .

The Magic of Joy

Focus your attention on the magic of new life emerging from the winter stillness… on joy in all it’s expressions!

This ceremony was open to everyone, held April 16, 2022. The description of the Ceremony can be found here. There was no pre-Ceremony call this time but here is the video of the post-Ceremony call . . . 

Sacred Reflections Ceremony

January 8, 2022

Vision Quest ceremony

The Gathering of the Gifts Ceremony

October 23, 2021

A Celebration of Beauty, Awe, and Wonder

June 5, 2021

March 6, 2021: Power Quest Commitment Ceremony (Council only)

January 30, 2021: Hearts of Fire Ceremony (12 hours; Protectors only)

October 10, 2020: Hearts of Fire Ceremony (24 hours; Protectors only)