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The Veil of Divinity

Date:  Saturday, October 21, 2023

Duration:  about half the day

Pre-ceremony call

Post-ceremony call

A Celebration of Beauty, Awe and Wonder

Date:  Saturday, July 15, 2023

Duration:  dawn to midnight – or as much of the day as you can manage

Spring and summer bring an explosion of vitality and life, so this is a perfect time to join nature and celebrate her creativity and the joy of her growth, and to reconnect with those forces within ourselves as well.

Naturally, all the ceremonies we organize serve to uplift the hearts and spirits (the personal and collective consciousness), of humanity. They are intended to quicken those hearts and spirits with a sense of our vast potential for life and expression. The whole day will be a dance with these spiritual qualities within the world around us and within our own hearts as well.

(See January 5, 2021 ceremony below for related pre- and post-ceremony videos)

The Marriage of the human to divine Being April 15th, 2023

Pre-Ceremony call

Post-Ceremony call

“…creation must be seen as the reflection of an infinitely present, and eternally active, divine consciousness. It is the Being-ness of life and that Being-ness cannot be separated from all that appears to be in the physical world. In other words, infinite God is in the heart, the Being, of everything and on the surface of everything as well. The physical and the spiritual are one!

And yet, this is not the experience of the vast majority of humanity whose awareness seems totally obsessed by the physical world, and consequently, by seeing themselves as physical beings. In fact, this is the core spiritual dilemma faced by all spiritual seekers! Humanity has lost its vision of Truth in the swamp of physical perception and experience, and our task is to reawaken to our divine heritage. What makes this appear as such an impossible task is that we believe something that isn’t true – we believe we are primarily phyiscal beings.”

The next three Ceremonies will build upon the Spring 2023 Ceremony. If you did not participate, please review the instructions or watch the pre-Ceremony call video and complete the Ceremony on your own to get the most benefit out of the next one. Please share this ceremony widely so we can make a greater difference in Global Consciousness.

The Gathering of the Gifts

October 15th, 2022

Vision Quest ceremony

Pre-Ceremony call

Post-Ceremony call

During this ceremony we will apply a special “seeing”, a particular kind of reflection, to looks through the surface veneer of the events of this past year so that we can better understand the sacred currents of Love and Grace that are moving through them. Here, in this unfolding, is where we will discover the gifts from Life/Creator, and the blessings that are always being directed to us.


The Season of the Mouse

July 16, 2022

The mouse, with it’s unique view of the world, see’s a tiny portion of this vast existence and yet, the mouse has exclusive wisdom to offer. It is often easier to understand the big, obvious moments of life. In this ceremony we are cultivating our ability to learn from the small things . . .

The Magic of Joy

Focus your attention on the magic of new life emerging from the winter stillness… on joy in all it’s expressions!

This ceremony was open to everyone, held April 16, 2022. The description of the Ceremony can be found here. There was no pre-Ceremony call this time but here is the video of the post-Ceremony call . . . 

Sacred Reflections Ceremony

January 8, 2022

Vision Quest ceremony

The Gathering of the Gifts Ceremony

October 23, 2021

A Celebration of Beauty, Awe, and Wonder

June 5, 2021

March 6, 2021: Power Quest Commitment Ceremony (Council only)

January 30, 2021: Hearts of Fire Ceremony (12 hours; Protectors only)

October 10, 2020: Hearts of Fire Ceremony (24 hours; Protectors only)